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  • You will save money!
  • IT service plans for any budget.
  • Unlimited priority support on covered devices.
  • Discounted add-on services.
  • Never pay extra for IT support again!
  • Affordable business IT support.


  • You will save time!
  • Proactive monitoring prevents problems.
  • Reduce revenue loss due to down time!
  • Call, email or text for fast support!
  • We’re only a call / text away.


  • You’ll love our people!
  • Great customer service is our top priority.
  • Decades of professional IT & business experience.
  • U.S. Based Support Team.
  • We understand how IT fits into your big picture.
  • We’re committed to supporting you for the long-term.
  • We’re small town folks delivering big city results.

We Are Committed to Reducing Your TCO & Saving You Money.

Local tech repair shops in small towns across America are closing down at an alarming rate. Their old-fashioned business model isn’t profitable anymore and they can’t keep the doors open. We call that the “break-fix” model. New tech repair shops seem to start up and then close within a year or two, if they follow the “break-fix” business model
Our mission is to support small town businesses. We live in a small town and we’re familiar with the needs of small businesses. We believe small town businesses are not currently being served well by other Information Technology companies. And we are here to fill that need.
We’ve been in business since 2009 supporting small business computer systems and technology. We’re passionate about helping small businesses grow and succeed. We love it when our work makes your business more successful!

We have a different business model with a long-term forecast. We’re not a fly-by-nite operation. We’re focused on the long-term. And we’re here for you.

We believe technology should make your life better. We make your tech work. No worries.

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