Case Study #1: Jennifer.

Power Outage Leads To Multiple Tech Issues.

Instead of fixing ONE issue, Jennifer now has ALL of her tech issues covered.

Jennifer’s business suffered a brief power outage. But what started as a small ‘hiccup’ quickly turned into a bigger problem.

Jennifer’s work computer wouldn’t boot up after the power outage. We discovered that her computer’s hard drive had errors, preventing it from booting up. We went to work immediately on repairing the damaged file-system so we could recover her business-critical data.

In the mean time Jennifer decided to switch to working on an older work laptop. But there were issues on it too! So now Jennifer is suffering an unexpected downtime, and business cash flow is also suffering because she can’t get to work in her QuickBooks software.

Jennifer decides to purchase a new PC to replace her aging work computer. Our job is to recover her QuickBooks files from her old PC and setup her new computer. At this point she was looking at over $1200 in labor, parts and a new PC. And she didn’t even blink at that amount because it was for business critical work.

But we showed her a better way…

We signed her up for our flat-fee managed service plan. And now we support ALL of her work computers. So, instead of fixing a SINGLE work computer issue, she now has our service team available to fix ALL of her tech issues – at no extra charge.

Now Jennifer has peace of mind knowing that her tech issues are proactively monitored 24/7, and knowing that she can call us for support anytime.

That’s Worry Free Tech Support.

Case Study #2: Justin.

Entrepreneur Needs IT Support For Point of Sale System.

Justin loves the peace of mind that comes from knowing he has tech support available anytime his restaurants are open.

Justin owns several franchise restaurants in his region and he’s required to use a specific Point of Sale system owned by a major international business. But their tech support is severely lacking. To his POS company, he is just another number. And they don’t help him troubleshoot any IT related issues which may be causing trouble with his POS system.

Justin can’t justify the cost of a full-time IT support person, but when he needs IT help – he needs it fast.  He needs an IT company to be the middle man between his POS software and his restaurant managers.

And that’s where we step in to help!

With our remote management software we are able to immediately connect to any of his business computers to assist his staff with POS system issues that his POS system support staff will not support.  Beyond that we also monitor all of his computers for hardware and operating system issues, as well as provide antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware to proactively prevent future issues from occurring.

Justin loves the peace of mind that comes from knowing he has tech support available anytime his restaurants are open.

Welcome to Worry Free IT.

Case Study #3: Ashley.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backup Solution.

Ashley has peace of mind knowing that we are monitoring and managing her IT operations.

Ashley’s company needed a way to archive their paper-based documents, plus they needed IT support for their existing network servers, printers and computers.

We created a plan to scan & archive their paper documents onto a local on-site file server, and back it up to an off-site cloud-based secure location. We now manage Ashley’s IT operations from networks, to servers to desktop computers & printers.

Ashley has peace of mind knowing that we are remotely monitoring and managing IT issues – and when she needs someone on-site, we are there for her.

Welcome to Worry Free IT.

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